Thursday, May 25, 2017

Junking Joy, Bridal Bonanza

farm fancy Montana wedding

Some days, after many frustrating Excel hours sorting and pivoting and filtering, oh my!...

... and still the data won't line up just the way I tell it to...

... well, I just need to step away for a moment. Clear my head. Take a deep breath.

And by that I mean, obviously: go junking.  Ah, lovely things. You make my heart sing.

Yesterday, my soul was parched for pretties. Not for me, of course. But for my beautiful brides. (I do it all for you, Montana brides. Have I mentioned? This is also what I tell Greg when he rolls his eyes at me. "It's for the brides, honey.")

The photo does not do it justice, but this silver tray? It weighs about 15 pounds. It is footed. It has feet!  How sweet is that? The patina is perfect.  This tray?  It. Is. Everything.

The hobnail compote dish: sublime.

The candleholders with crystals: so farm fancy.

The little creamer: blushing so sweetly.

The four new embroidered hankies for our growing collection: I think I will probably need a larger basket "For Happy Tears" at Flower Farm weddings. Isn't it lovely, the way people cry at weddings? I just adore that.

And doilies! Doilies, doilies, dreamy doilies. I picture the women all those decades ago, doing their delicate handwork, and I daydream about their conversations.

Thank you, Sashin at Antiqueology. Your shop is my new happy place. You were everything those stupid Excel spreadsheets were not... and so much more.  So. Much. More.  (And to be clear, shopping at Sashin's shop is not technically "junkng," because her inventory is so beautifully curated, edited and displayed. It's more like an afternoon in vintage/antique heaven. Swoon.)

Montana brides, come hither. Flower Farm has pretties. So many, many pretties.

Want to see a few more? Behold the website.

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